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Criminal Defense

Gozigian, Washburn & Clinton understands your case is of the utmost seriousness to you no matter what the nature of your case may be.  We provide aggressive, results-oriented representation for people charged with crimes, including serious felonies, DWIs  and misdemeanors.  Gozigian, Washburn & Clinton will work tenaciously to build a strong and effective defense for you.

In your time of crisis, our firm will be your strong advocate, and stand up for you rights.  You will have confidence knowing that an experienced, compassionate and determined lawyer is working hard to defend your rights and liberty, and to obtain the best outcome for you.

We understand the stress and uncertainty that can accompany a criminal charge. We work closely with our clients, and take a hands-on approach to every case. When you come to us, we will explain the charges against you, the legal ramifications of the crime you have been accused of, your defenses, and your rights. We will discuss all the options available to you in terms of how to proceed, and realistic end results of each of those options. Armed with information, you can make an intelligent and informed decision about how you want to proceed.


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